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Modular buildings: a taste of the future

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CABÜ is a modular building system engineered to combine an appealing modern architectural design with a super-fast build.

CABÜ have a wide range of beautifully designed buildings to fit most environments.

CABÜ Buildings are used for residential dwellings, amenity buildings, commercial structures and the leisure business.

Our intelligently engineered buildings are favoured by land owners seeking to optimise their development with cost certainty and high design.

CABÜ want to provide a modern specification and interesting building solution for everyone. All our buildings are available to view at our 10 acre show village.

CABÜ manufacture a collection of pre-designed residential houses.

CABÜ’s building system is energy efficient and fast to build. Our elegant, voluminous spaces are designed to articulate the timber frame.

CABÜ’s houses are created to comply with all modern day building standards.

CABÜ provide a guarantee with its installations and work with every client to ensure quality project integration.

CABÜ offer a range of leisure buildings designed to deliver high quality accommodation to the short stay market.

Our buildings cater for investors looking to procure credible and financeable property. CABÜ buildings are desirable, durable and capable of attracting a high return.

A wide pallet of optionality for finishes with stylish Interior design choices are available.

CABÜ’s commercial range has been designed to accommodate the need for new build workspace. The modern day desire for high quality business accommodation including offices, workshops and production facilities combined with a pleasing working environment is met.

Our adaptable modular system allows the capability to deliver a bespoke and personal working space.

CABÜ’s amenity buildings include visitor centres, catering facilities and meeting places.

All our buildings are available to view in our 10 acre show village in Kent.

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